Workbook is an integrated development environment for data analysis and machine learning in the WEB browser. It bases on the concept of code snippets that can be combined to a workflow. A workbook script can be executed on a computer on command line by using the work shell worksh. Although the workbook is executed primarily in a sandboxed WEB browser, local system access is possible via a SQLJSON RPC interface connecting to remote SQL data base servers and a local File Server wex.


File Version Description
workbook 1.1.77 WorkBook (requires WEB browser)
workbook.nw 1.1.74 WorkBook Full Package with all plugins (requires nw.js / node webkit
webwork 1.1.74 WEB WorkBook Shell with ML/Math Plugin (requires WEB browser) 1.1.74 WorkBook with embedded ML/Math Plugins (requires WEB browser)
workshell 1.6.4 WorkBook Shell (CLI, requires node.js + deasync module or pl3)
math.plugin - WorkBook Math Plugin
ml.plugin - WorkBook ML Plugin 5.9 nodejs (MS Windows x86/32bit) 5.9 nodejs (MS Windows x64/64bit)
node8.exe 8.12.0 nodejs (MS Windows x86/32bit)
wex 1.2.4 WEX local File Server (requires nodejs)


Starting nw.js workbook

nw(.exe) workbook.nw
node wex

Starting workbook shell

node worksh <file>

Starting workbook in WEB Browser

mybrowser workbook.html?workdir=/home
mybrowser workbook.html?load=URL
node wex


File Version Description
math.tutorial LIVE 18.3.2021 WorkBook Math Tutorial (requires WEB browser and])
matrix.tutorial LIVE 18.3.2021 WorkBook Matrix Tutorial (requires WEB browser and])
ml.tutorial LIVE 19.3.2021 WorkBook ML Tutorial (requires WEB browser and])
plot.tutorial LIVE 18.3.2021 WorkBook Plot Tutorial (requires WEB browser and])
worker.tutorial LIVE 18.3.2021 WorkBook WEb Worker Tutorial (requires WEB browser and])
openguidedwaves.tutorial LIVE 02.03.2021 WorkBook OpenGuided Waves data base Tutorial: Ultrasonic measurements (requires WEB browser and])
ct.tutorial LIVE 9.03.2021 WorkBook Plot Tutorial: 3D Computer Tomography images of a CFK plate (requires WEB browser and])