Software source code and binary repositories replacing github repositories using self-hosted customised gitbucket. Since 10/2023 github enforces a two-factor or multi-factor authentication, which is neither required in principle nor comfortable in daily use of a code repository. This was introduced for economical reasons (Microsoft as github owner sells 2FA/MFA software solutions and want to remove non-profit, i.e., low-impact, repositories), higher user control, and not for security primarily, and leads to an unnecessary collection of sensitive personal data and linking of services that should be rejected by users.

Fight For the Future

A git server is commonly a top-down service, i.e., the files in the git server repository are the master reference, and the files on the local computer are slave copies. Here, the git service is used bottom-up, i.e., the files on the local computer are the master references, which are synchronised with the git repository using a shell script and curl. The local repository is managed by other cloud-based back-up and revision tools (basically tar and seafile).


Repository Description
conpro2 Concurrent Programming Synthesis and Compiler
jc JavaScript Project Builder (Compiler)
jam JavaScript Agent Machine
workbook JavaScript WorkBook: Parallel & Distributed Numerical and ML Software Framework
XraySim Radiography and CT Xray Simulator and Parallel Filtered Back Projection